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Tour and See the World! Joondalup, Western Australia part 8

Tour and See the World! Joondalup, Western Australia part 8

In this post, we tour and visit Joondalup, Western Australia! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures of Joondalup (oh well!) and so we're going to make do with these: first and foremost, the beautiful view of the beach at Joondalup; second, the bicycle and running track along the coast at Joondalup; and finally the Lakeside Shopping City at Joondalup, where my uncle, father, brother and I had our breakfast and lunch and went shopping! As some general information about the city would be quite relevant here, I got information from the Joondalup City website: Joondalup is a small city about 99km sq in size, cosmopolitan and international in nature and atmosphere, especially at and around the city centre, and it is 25 mins north of Perth along the Mitchell Freeway. In other words, it's northward and near Perth. Hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures of this very picturesque place, which should be worth a short visit if you're at Perth!

In the next post here on my travel site, I write about Observation City and the City of Stirling! I do hope you've enjoyed visiting and touring Mandurah, Fremantle, Sorrento Quay and other interesting places I've visited in Australia. Don't worry - there are more pictures to come. Do stay tuned for more beautiful places that I have visited in Australia; the main travel and tour attraction, Perth, is coming right up soon. Thanks for reading and cheers!
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