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Tour and See the World! Perth, Western Australia, part 11

Tour and See the World! Perth, Western Australia, part 11

OK, I am back after a short break from blogging and writing on various topics! Let's jump right back into it. In this post, I show you pictures of real estate in Perth, Western Australia... and a scene from the City Centre as well as Miss Maud, which apparently is a very famous hotel chain. Miss Maud is a Swedish Hotel (I think the full name is something like Miss Maud Swedish Hotel) and can be found throughout Perth, selling all sorts of pastries, cakes, food and of course providing some kind of hotel stay as it is mainly about accomodation, after all. I would say that it appears to be a major "in" thing in Perth. A kind of must-do! Without further ado: wonderful landed properties by the Swan River, in the wonderful neighbourhood where my lucky uncle stays, the Perth City Centre, and the Miss Maud hotel in the heart of Perth... right here!

In case you think that was the last post on Perth and that you're going to miss out on many good pictures of vast vineyards and huge wide open spaces - don't worry! Another post on Perth, Western Australia, is going to come right up here on my travel site. There were many places I toured and visited while staying with my uncle. Please stay tuned for more interesting places I have visited!
Tour and see the world! Thanks for reading and cheers!

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