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Tour and See the World! Mandurah, Western Australia part 1

Tour and See the World! Mandurah, Western Australia part 1

OK I am BACK!!

Wow, this is going to be hard, but I'll try - my relatives who stay in Perth gave me a beautiful, wonderful tour of many cities and towns in Western Australia, and so I shall just start with Mandurah. First up - Perth itself is very beautiful and a very nice place to live in (and as we Singaporeans say, a very nice place to retire to as well). After a good night's rest on the first day, we took a 67km (or 65km?) road trip down to Mandurah to visit our first stop. In later posts to come, I show you nice pictures of Fremantle, Subiaco, Cottesloe Coast, Kings Park, Claremont heritage trails, St Mary's Cathedral, Joondalup, Sorrento Quay, the City of Stirling and its very famous Observation City (which is actually a big hotel!!!) and of course, Perth itself as well as the surrounding areas of beautiful vineyards, farms and land, land, glorious land. Those were all the places I visited during my stay at Perth, where my relatives stay in a two storey house overlooking the Swan River. Have I mentioned or reiterated that that's a most picturesque, quiet, lovely residential neighbourhood area in Perth? :) Lovely! Anyways, here are the pictures from Mandurah first, and more to come in future posts!

Oh yes, you can take a cruise at Mandurah, just as you can take a cruise along the Swan River at Perth. You might just want to do that. I fell in love with Western Australia right away. To come in the next post here on my travel site: Fremantle! Do stay right here with me on Tour and See the World :) Thank you.

Tour and see the world!

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