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Tour and See the World! Fremantle, Western Australia part 2

Tour and See the World! Fremantle, Western Australia part 2

In the last post, I showed Mandurah (in Western Australia) with its beautiful boat cruises and very nice atmosphere. In this post, we visit Fremantle, which I think is some kind of port city along the Western Australian coast. My brother and I even had a joke when we saw so many birds eating at Fremantle - when seagulls want buffet, where do they go? To Fremantle! When seagulls want to gamble? They go to Burswood! Nah, kidding. Anyways, beautiful pictures of Fremantle follow: The Maritime Museum in Fremantle where you can visit the exhibits and read all about the crazy mariner Cornelius who murdered many, or read about ancient maritime history and the story of imperialism; the nice city of Fremantle; and last, but not the least, the famous Fremantle market as well.

At Fremantle we also sat by the river side and watched the birds fly around. There were many yachts and boats as well! I think those were very lovely. OK, I'm done for today :) I think Subiaco follows in the next post, so do stay tuned for beautiful, nice and interesting pictures of Australia!
P. S. Oh, when I was there it was a Sunday and the next day was a day called Foundation Day, which seems to be a general public holiday. I might read about it and write about it in future posts, but that's just to let you know why the Fremantle market seems to be so busy in the morning! :) More to come in future posts on my travel site; do stay tuned and here with me.

Tour and see the world! Fremantle, Western Australia

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