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Tour and See the World! Kings Park, Western Australia part 5

Tour and See the World! Kings Park, Western Australia part 5

Hello and welcome once again to Tour and See the World! In this post, we visit Kings Park, Western Australia! In the pictures below, you see: first, Lovers Walk, which sadly was closed when I was there due to a possibility of landslide and heavy rockfall. Secondly, the signboard for the famous huge and gigantic tree, the Gija Jumulu, which was transported a long long way to Perth from North Western Australia! Thirdly, you can see the beautiful skyline of Perth, as seen from the commanding heights of Kings Park. Lastly, there is that very interesting signboard/post, but also with some Indonesians filming a movie in the environs of Kings Park!

Not captured in the pictures above, but also very important and interesting: the Kokoda Trails/ Kokoda Tracks, which simulates or retraces the Second World War; the WWI and WWII war memorials in Kings Park which commemorates the fallen; the Swan Brewery Co Ltd, which can be seen opposite Kings Park and is very visible even from a great height; and the Jacobs Ladder, among many other sights and sounds.
Sadly, I didn't get to see many other things or fully explore the park, since Kings Park seems to be incredibly huge and spans an incredibly large area. There are many other interesting places to visit and see within the Park. I think Kings Park is very worth visiting (i.e. it's a must see), especially since there are many Singaporean visitors who have never seen such beautiful landscapes, scenery, or natural environs. I would say it's incredibly beautiful and definitely worth a visit in Perth.
More to come on Western Australia and Perth - do stay tuned! Thanks for reading and cheers!

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