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Tour and See the World: Short Series on Sydney, Australia, part 2

Tour and See the World: Short Series on Sydney, Australia, part 2

Welcome to part two of the short series on my travel site, on Sydney, Australia! If you wish to see the previous post on Sydney, Australia, here is the link: Short Series on Sydney, part 1. Special thanks once again to bb :) who has sent me these nice pictures of Sydney during her holiday with her family members there. Without further ado, here are more interesting pictures of Sydney!

Well, I am pretty sure that the above two pictures were taken in Sydney's Chinatown... fairly certain about that! The first one says Tai Yuen Cafe and the second one is translated as "Understand Virtue and Trust" in English. I also remember that when I was in Manchester, on the very first day of my student exchange we all trooped down to Chinatown to have a Chinese buffet, which we all loved very much! I guess that's what some of us buffet-loving Chinese Singaporeans do when we are on holiday.

And that brings me to the end of this short, two part series on Sydney, Australia. I am going to visit Australia soon also to visit my uncle, and will be taking lots of photos so that I can share them with you on this travel site. Thanks for staying here with me, and cheers! More exciting pictures to come on Tour and See the World!

Tour and see the world!
PS Special thanks once again to bb :)

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