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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 12 - Disneysea!

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 12 - Disneysea!

There are so many things to post on my travel blog, so here goes: my first instalment in a long time, a really long long while! I first visited Japan in 2005, and then visited it again last year in May (was it May? I think so) during Mavis' "glad trip" to Japan. I am glad I went on that glad trip, because it was the first time that I had been to Disneysea, Japan. I visited Disneyland in 2005 and it was a real blast, and this time I visited Disneysea, the other theme park at the same site!

To add to the mood, when we visited it, it was raining - I kid you not! But the Japanese all went there in the rain anyways, and so we did. That's the spirit - and that's the correct atmosphere. Disneysea and "Disneyrain" :) Without further ado, here come the first set of pictures from Tokyo's Disneysea:

Here's a funny looking Japanese man standing behind the famous Disney logo/motif/ mascot/ icon Mickey Mouse! Cute.

The theme from Arabian nights - the one and only famous Aladdin, from Disney.

Mavis and I went for this one, and the puffer fish went round and round we got really disney - I mean really dizzy! :)
You can see Terror Towers in the background here at Disneysea in the picture above.
In an interesting imitation of Ninja Warrior, stay tuned for ...

More pictures, more action, more places to visit in Japan and more places elsewhere as well, and more tours and visits around the world!

(How's that for an advertisement for my travel site with a bang!)
I will be back, and soon! Thanks for visiting.

Tour and See the World: Japan, Disneysea!

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