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Zurich in Switzerland

Visiting and touring Zurich

After the Paris trip, next stop on the list was Zurich in Switzerland.

I took a plane from Paris to Duesseldorf, and from there I took a connecting flight to Zurich. Zurich is a beautiful place in Switzerland, and I spent 3 days there. I would love to visit Zurich again, only that the prices there are rather high, and it is a bit troublesome to exchange Francs (that is the currency there). Most other countries in Europe use the Euro, which is more convenient for tourists and travellers like myself, in my own honest opinion. Aha, I forgot to mention, they speak German in most parts of Switzerland, although I am told that French and Italian are also common languages. I found the German here interesting, as it sounded distinctly different but had the same grammar, but that’s only my personal opinion.

I visited the town area and went about looking at the various shops. It was nice to go window shopping, and there were many good things to see and to buy. Zurich has a big shopping district with many shops that stretches down the road, with trams servicing it. I entered many shops, and for instance, I entered the Rolex shop, and it was amazing to discover that a Rolex Oyster Perpetual cost about 265 000 francs, I kid you not! That translates into about 400, 000 dollars in my currency, enough to buy four cars or a house. A watch costs the same as four cars or a house! It was incredible, at least to me.

Gross and Frau muenster are two churches in Zurich, and they look historical, grand and beautiful. I did not have the privilege of going inside to have a look, but at least I got photos of the outside of the buildings. The town hall was nearby as well, and it looked rather imposing too. (Oddly enough, my friends and I also travelled and trekked all around the place with our backpacks to have a look at the Zurich zoo, and then we did not go into the zoo, but returned to our hotel instead.)

There is the beautiful Zurich lake, and I took a boat ride or rather a boat cruise down the lake with my friends. We had a fun time chatting and talking on the cruise as it went to various “ports of call”. The scenery outside was marvellous and the weather happened to be absolutely fantastic, so I suppose I was very lucky indeed. However, I do suppose it would be better to visit Zurich in spring or summer and not in winter, because even though it was almost the end of winter, it was still extremely cold.

On the third day of my interesting tour, I went hiking with friends up Uelitberg. Habe ich das richtig buchstabiert? Gibt es ueberhaupt das Wort “buchstabiert” (spelt)? Well, basically I went up a mountain, and it was white as snow all around. We travelled up the hill in our thick winter clothing and it was freezing, as we stepped into snow inches thick and with snow pouring down from the heavens. It was an angelic sight to behold! We later returned to our hotel using the train, as we needed to travel to the airport.

All in all, I must say that it was great to visit such a beautiful, scenic country, with very friendly and nice people all around. I loved the place and it was great. More about Zurich in Switzerland to come in future posts, along with beautiful and artistic pictures. Stay tuned!

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