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More pictures from Milan, Italy

More pictures from Milano, Italy

Here are more pictures from Milan in Italy, apart from the pictures of the Duomo in Milan, and the St Mary's. Here you can see in various pictures the rich and prosperous in Milan and their interesting cars and lifestyles. Apart from the Quadrilatero there are also several churches, and after all, Italy is full of interesting and beautiful churches that you may wish to visit or travel to, especially if you are Roman Catholic. There are many beautiful pictures Milan, my third stop during my Europe tour, so please visit my blog "Tour and See the World!" and have a look at the beautiful pictures of interesting Milan here. As an aside, my History Teacher Michael Kelly loves Italy very very much and he strongly recommended that I visit Milan and Rome, among other Italian cities. In my next post, I will be talking about my interesting travels in Rome, Italy. My first travel destination on my Europe tour: Paris, France. Second was Zurich in Switzerland. Third was Milan in Italy, and then after that I took a train down to Rome. Next place to visit, Rome :)

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