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Stonehenge and Bath

I just realised that while my friend Gladys gave me lots of pictures on Stonehenge and Bath, I don't really know much about them. So I went to do some research on them, because now I have many readers, I don't want to reveal my ignorance about places that my friends share with me... haha. I know about the places I have been to, so it's a matter of researching on places that I haven't visited.

So here goes - from my limited knowledge of Bath and Stonehenge:

From what I know, Bath is in southwest England with many historical sites, ruins, hot springs and many public baths there (hmm, I wonder if that is where it got its name). On the one hand, it is a world heritage site with lots of old historical buildings and ruins from Roman times, and on the other it is a bustling modern city providing employment, amenities, and the like.

Bath reminds me of York because of all the quaint buildings and all the lovely streets, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. My friend went on the boat cruise there and she loved it, so I'd guess that if you visited Bath, apart from the springs, the boat cruise might be something you'd want to try. Taking boat cruises down rivers is a good idea in England and in Europe, honestly. If the weather is good in spring or summer, it can be beautiful and excellent; if winter, as I have learnt by hard experience, it is very cold and not recommended.

My friend visited Stonehenge shortly after Bath, so I'd surmise that they are near each other. (I'm probably wrong though.) Stonehenge, as we all know, is a prehistoric site probably used for religious reasons. It's basically a special site comprising stones arranged in unique positions. If you look at the pictures I have posted, however, you'd find that my friend had more interest in the sheep then in the stones... haha! Nonetheless, the pictures were fascinating and I must say the wide open countryside with sheep gamboling all over the place contrasts starkly with Manchester's very built up city area.

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