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My Europe tour!

OK, now I am going to talk about my Europe tour. As you probably know, I've travelled around Europe with my friends, and we went from Manchester to Paris, then to Zurich, Milan, Rome, Bratislava, Vienna, Munich and finally Berlin. That was my great highlight of the student exchange here - touring all around Central Europe. First stop on the leg: PARIS, FRANCE!

We All Love Paris

I travelled direct to Paris via a budget flight called Flybe. I have lots to say about Paris, the great and majestic capital of France. I love it and it is very beautiful, especially at night. Although the graffiti there is a lot, and the streets are sometimes quite dusty and dirty, overall, the place is very beautiful and very interesting. Overall, I would love to come back here to see it again, because it is, after all, Paris.

I went to see the Eiffel tower and the view from the top was beautiful, and very lovely. The trip up the tower took about 3 hours, it was very crowded with both French and tourists alike, but it was more than worth it because I was rewarded with a great view. There were so many places I wanted to visit and I could see all of them from the top of the beautiful Eiffel tower.

Thereafter I took a cruise down the river and looked at the Statue of Liberty, as well as other sights along the river. As I was tired, I did not take all the sights in, but enjoyed the feeling of holidaying. We moved from one end of the river to the other end, and then returned, so I had more than two chances of seeing what I might have missed.

The Champ Elysses was also very nice, and what I remember most vividly is the statue of Charles de Gaulle apparently walking along it, almost as if he came back to life and revisited France.

The next day I went to walk around the Louvre, which was colossal, artistic and majestic because it was both interesting and very, very huge! A nugget of interesting information – I asked to see if I could see “Napoleon Bonaparte” here, and discovered that most of his things, items, and the like, and paintings of him are actually in the USA! Not in France. One would have to travel all the way to the United States to get to see the famous painting of Bonaparte on his horse! That is what the guide told me; only Napoleon III is in the Louvre, along with some other minor paintings of Napoleon.

I went to have a look at the famous Moulin Rouge. I guess that practically every guy would love to come here, and even come back here again, later… which guy wouldn’t love to catch a show here? Well, I hadn’t enough money so I didn’t go in, and instead walked along the street … only to be accosted by people asking me to “Come in, it’s a good show, better and more exciting than the Moulin Rouge, and it’s cheap…” if you get what I mean! I travelled from one end to the other. (The place was full of sex shops from corner to corner.)

The next day I went to see Notre Dame, with Charlemagne standing nearby looking grand. It was beautiful, grand and I loved it a lot.

I also visited Disneyland Paris, and it was very fun; I loved it! (Although I am told by my French friends that the French do not like Disneyland.) My first Disneyland experience was in Tokyo Disneyland, which was amazing and excellent, and I have always loved it since.

I also visited some high-up place or church on a nice hill overlooking the city; I think it was called Montmartre and it was beautiful, and the night scenery was very romantic and felt so calming and serene. The best time to visit this place would be at night, I suppose. I would love to visit it again. All in all, I loved my Paris trip and it is an incredibly good place to visit.

Tour and see the world with me!

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