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More beautiful pictures from Rome, Italy part 1

More beautiful pictures from Rome, Italy, part 1

(Note: There are many pictures of Rome here on my travel blog here. I spent 4 full days in Rome as it was considered one of the more important and cultural stops in my Europe trip, which started from Manchester in England to Paris, France, then to Zurich in Switzerland, and then to Milan in Italy. From there I took a train down to Rome in Italy. Of course, after Rome, I did go to other places, which I will describe and talk about in later posts here on this travel blog. Stay tuned for more interesting countries, climates, culture and cuisine. Among other things of course. Simply: more beautiful pictures of Rome to come in the next post on Rome, Italy. Alright :) )

Here are more beautiful pictures from Rome in Italy, and you can see below that there are many beautiful cultural buildings and historical, cultural sites all over Rome that are very interesting to visit. In particular, the places that my friends and I went to were the Roman Fort, Circo Maximus, and St Angelo's Castle, and other places that I would love to label as ancient places in Rome, or merely Roman ruins. There are so many remnants of the former, ancient Roman Empire and I think you can see Julius Caesar's statue in many places in Rome, as well as the other Emperors and rulers of this once great empire. The whole place and the whole site smells of interesting, cultural and powerful history, from imperial history all the way to Mussolini during the dark period of World War II to modern day history. More pictures of Rome in Italy to come on my Tour and See the World website, so please stay tuned!

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