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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 3 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 3 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Welcome back to my series on touring Japan, and I am still posting pictures of Universal Studios (Osaka). Universal Studios is a great leisure theme park and a great place to play when you visit! I do suppose that all of us tourists have different priorities when travelling, and I do acknowledge that some people don't really like theme parks. Some people prefer instead scenery and other attractions or landmarks, other than movie "propaganda" and whatnot, but don't worry - there will be a lot of Japanese scenery and other Japanese attractions in future posts, I promise!

There were very few people in the theme park because the Japanese government had closed schools and prevented people from moving around or travelling here in Osaka, during the period I was there. I was there during the H1N1 period, you see. This means that there are very few people in the pictures below, but well, I benefited because this meant almost no waiting time at all for the various rides and attractions! Please enjoy my pictures:

This is a restaurant with lots of model cars that are all extinct already - vintage cars!

Hello Kitty is uniquely Japanese in many ways, and here is a Hello Kitty shop in Universal Studios (Osaka). During the course of my trip in Japan, I saw many Hello Kitty shops and various forms of merchandise.

One thing that I like about theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disneyland/ Disneysea is that there are many things to take down on camera and photograph - and all the various attractions are always so quaint or nice or colourful. I hope you loved my pictures here on Tour and See the World, stay tuned for more beautiful pictures!

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