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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 4 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 4 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Welcome back to my series here on Japan, and here we are at the Universal Studios series of pictures in Osaka, which I visited as part of my packaged tour of Japan. It was great visiting and touring Osaka overall, but Universal Studios (Osaka) has the greatest votes from me and I love it! :)

Being a city dweller, I am very used to city scenes and love them very much. Singapore is a city state, in fact, so I am used and accustomed to seeing buildings. That's probably why I love Universal Studios (Osaka) so much; because it has all sorts of quaint, interesting buildings, it sort of reminds me of some old, quaint built up area similar to Singapore but different, with the only interesting exception that it has all sorts of famous "brands" and famous characters! Did I also mention that Singapore is going to have its own theme park as well? Anyways, without further ado, here are the beautiful pictures:

Waterworld is quite famous, and the act there is quite nice to watch! It's worth going to Universal Studios just to see the explosions and the sounds present at Waterworld's act :)
This is a famous "brand" - remember that old movie, Jurassic Park? This theme park is worth visiting for this exciting ride and also for the fond memories of having watched this exciting movie. Universal Studios brings back fond memories for people who are sort of movie buffs.
This is an even older movie theme, and it's Jaws - the movie with that shark and whatnot. I watched it on TV when I was young, and this was great! Haha this is also worth a visit when you travel here to Osaka Universal Studios. By the way, all these pictures of Universal Studios were taken by me when I was visiting the theme park itself onsite and they are all my own personal pictures, not taken from any online sources - so I'd appreciate it if you inform me or ask my permission if you want to borrow my pictures. Just a reminder!

I had lunch with Snoopy at the nearby Snoopy restaurant - and of course, who can forget Charlie Brown and Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts gang? There are so many things to see and do at Universal Studios and I loved visiting it very much. In the next post, I will put up pictures of the nearby Universal City Walk Osaka, which is a shopping centre area nearby, that has all the hardcore Universal Studios visitors' favourites - Hard Rock Cafe, shirts and souvenir shops, and Universal Studios merchandise. I went to Hard Rock Cafe and I also toured the mall. More to come here on my travel site, so stay here with me; thanks for reading and cheers!
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