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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 5 - Universal City Walk (Osaka)

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 5 - Universal City Walk (Osaka)

In the last few posts, I showed you interesting and exciting pictures from Universal Studios (Osaka). After visiting and exploring Universal Studios, Mavis and I took a walk outside the theme park and saw an interesting mall, called Universal City Walk (Osaka) - and it was a very fun and hip place to have a look! We toured the mall and here are some pictures from City Walk:

Hard Rock Cafe is universal... and here it is in Osaka. Perhaps you might want to visit this place - to buy souvenirs or something. "Love all, serve all!" :)

The Japanese have all sorts of cute and interesting toys! In fact, in future posts, I will have an entire section devoted to Yamashiroya Tokyo/ Ueno, perhaps the biggest toy, anime and manga shop in Japan? These toys here are cute, but Universal City Walk's range of toys cannot match this incredible toy shop that I will talk about later, in future exciting posts on my travel site.

I enjoyed my tour and travels in Japan! And having shared my Osaka travel pictures with you, full of fun and excitement from Universal Studios, I hope you loved them as I do. More exciting places and areas that I visited and toured in Japan, ranging from Mount Fuji, to Shinsaibashi, to Disneysea and much much more, will be upcoming. Thanks for reading and cheers!
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