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The Lake District

My adventures at the Lake District

Imagine lots of mountains, rivers, lakes, rivers, water, sheep, swans and ducks. Well, I had lots of those at the Lake District. My friends and I travelled via coach from Oxford Road at Manchester early in the morning and went to visit Aira Force Waterfall, which was very beautiful but very cold, with the rain splashing on us again and again as the waterfall splashed on us. It was freezing yet it was very exciting. You can see the pictures in the next post on this blog.

Later on, the coach brought us from there to Ambleside, which is a nice little town. It was quaint and beautiful, and very York-like, only that it was more comfortable here, quiet and very secluded. It was rather delicate and very ancient here, with the walls made of stone and the roads paved with cobblestones. The walls and hedges were short stone walls cobbled together. It was a very pleasant feeling to visit such a beautiful place, only that the rain pattered down nonstop and kept on coming. Yet it did not dampen the enjoyment, especially when we sat in a comfortable cafe for a nice meal.

We didn't take any cruises and we weren't allowed to rent a boat since it was not summer, so we fed ducks and swans by the lake instead. If you can't row a boat or cruise in the lake, feed ducks and swans! It was very fun, and I would love to revisit this place just to feed the birds again.

Interestingly, on our way back, the other bus broke down and left its passengers stranded at Windermere. There was little space on our bus, so we could not let those 40 or more people into our full bus. There they were stuck at the site for hours! Poor fellas!

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