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Highlights of London

From 23rd Feb to 24th Feb, I was in London! You can see pictures in the next post. I took a coach down from Oxford Road at Manchester and landed in YHA somewhere in London. I took the Metro around (the famous Tube).

Big Ben

Coming out of the station, the Big Ben was the first thing I saw and the gigantic "Wheel of Fortune". The London Eye stared at me as I went up the stairs to see the Big Ben and Westminster also staring at me from across the street. Winston Churchill stood on his pedestal, staring across the street at parliament. Not to mention, his compatriots, the other famous men, including David Lloyd George.

Buckingham Palace

I went down the road to Buckingham Palace, which was next to Hyde Park. It was incredibly huge and very majestic, but it was Sat and Sun so there was no entry for inquisitive visitors, and no chance to try to poke the noses of the guards! (I would love to return just to try to do that...)

Hyde Park and the Speaker's Corner

Hyde Park was colossal and very interesting, with many things to do and see. It was rather romantic in some parts as well. The other parts of the park were full of football players, rollerbladers, little children, and old couples sitting on benches; a very typical park scene. The Speaker's Corner was quiet on Sat, but on Sun, when we were waiting for the bus to come here to Park Lane to pick us up, it was incredible. Some Catholic apologists were speaking, some foreign people were swearing in foreign languages, a Muslim speaker, and a Christian speaker were all talking loudly and attracting their own respective crowds. The site is very interesting and full of people!

Oxford Street

Something like Singapore's Orchard Road, but much longer and more crowded, and full of shops! It was impossible to go into any shop due to the human traffic. People were paid money to just stand on the street with a sign pointing to a shop. It was like the United Nations, with every nationality. And oh yes, there were many statues along the way, of humanitarians, soldiers, statesmen, and the like. It was a lovely place.

London bridge

"London bridge is falling down!" That famous song was revisited when I visited London Bridge.

Tower bridge

This was very exciting, and I even caught a glimpse of a rare moment - the bridge parted into two for a ship to pass by. It happened at night and was very beautiful. On the one side, it was the City of Westminster, and on the other, the City of London (the City). London actually comprises two cities, London being about 2000 years and founded during Roman times, and Westminster, being about 1000 years old.

Trafalgar Square

Admiral Nelson stood grandly and lonely atop his pedestal, while two other statues of famous British soldiers stood around guarding his base. It was an amazing place, huge and grand, and even more imposing when you consider that it was flanked by many old buildings and a gigantic library/museum in the background. It was magnificent and marvellous.

St Paul's Church

I also visited a beautiful, gigantic Anglican Church.

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