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Information about Manchester

More on Manchester?

Currently, since I am based here in Manchester, I should also give some information here about Manchester that I know of, I guess.

Greater Manchester is the bigger, larger area which has Trafford and Salford and Manchester City Centre, as you know already, I'm sure. Manchester itself has two universities, UOM and MMU - University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Naturally, if one comes here to Manchester, one thing would be to see the Sportscity, where, nearby, Manchester City stadium stands. Manchester United fans would also want to visit Old Trafford. Here, both clubs are well supported, City and United. I usually go to the pub called Varsity which is near Rusholme, the famous Curry Mile full of Indian/Pakistani cuisine. I watch most of my daily dose of football there and the atmosphere is incredible, especially when our team scores a goal. The people make the entire place come alive with their shouting and cheering.

By the way, Magic Bus/ Stagecoach 250 goes to Trafford and Trafford Centre. You might want to visit and see the Manchester United museum as well :)

Primark is all over England, and here is where one can get cheap clothes and housebrands. As for Marks and Spencer, Manchester apparently is its birthplace, so welcome to Manchester - if you want to eat lots of good chocolate and buy lots of stuff from Marks & Spencer. Lots of people love it.

That's about it for now, and I am going off to Oxford for a visit soon.

I'll probably write one long rambling final post on Manchester two months from now when I leave for home, where I will cover all or most of Manchester. Stay tuned :)

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