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Tour and See the World: Notice! :) [updated]

Quick Update to friends, readers, and passersby :)

I will be travelling to Vienna this evening, and then from there visiting the Czech republic, Poland, and Germany as well, and most likely will be taking a cruise down the Danube. Also, I've just returned from a village visit to Prey Angkungh, a small village in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, where I did overseas charity work with my college students. Lots of interesting posts to come, and stay with me here on my travelblog, Tour and See the World! :)

Thanks for reading, and cheers!

Dear friends, readers, and passers by :)

I have not been posting on my travel blog for quite some time but I might be back soon! I was talking to a friend of mine, having some nice tea and all that, and she suggested many interesting ways in which I could make my travel blog better. OK, I don't always respond well to advice (at least I'm honest!) but some of what she said were good ways, and some ways simply didn't understand what I was doing at all.

However, I have become really busy and have lots to do, so I might not be able to share beautiful pictures of travelling and all that kind of stuff - sorry!

In any case, thanks for reading, commenting, and writing to me to give me feedback on all the interesting places that you wish to see here on this site, and all the different ideas that I could do about my hobby. Thank you for reading and following my site!

So take care, and I will try to write soon. 

Tour and see the world! 

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