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Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 2

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 2

Tour and see the world with Gladys

Welcome back to my travel blog :) To my loyal and faithful readers: I'm really sorry I haven't had enough time to blog and write and post pictures because I have been very busy. I think this is the first and last time I will be apologising, because I am always busy, so please forgive me!! :)

This is a series on Cambridge in England, where my friend Gladys went to visit and have a look at the university and visit the city itself. Guess what today's post is about....? Yup it's about Cambridge university itself, of course. Let us tour around the university with my friend Gladys!

I myself wanted to study either at Cambridge or Oxford last time, when I was studying for my A levels, and then later found myself in the University of Manchester - so how interesting life is sometimes! Have you ever wondered how Cambridge looks like? Now you know :) Hope you enjoy the beautiful travel pictures!

This picture above is a bit dreary but it's England... sometimes this happens... :)
In the next post here on my travel site, we will visit the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England. Stay tuned!
Hope you loved the pictures and they motivate you to have a look at Cambridge or go there for a visit one day :) Cheers!
Tour and see the world with me!

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 1

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 1

Tour and see the world with Gladys again! :)

I never had time to go down to Cambridge for a look, although I had visited and toured Oxford while in England. I also went punting down rivers in Oxford and had even visited the famous Harry Potter place... where you can see all the fun stuff on my travel site here - just refer to the sidebar for Harry Potter for Harry Potter fans, and Oxford for Oxford and England/academic/ studious/ whatnot fans.

Well, my friend Gladys went for a trip down to Cambridge, and there are many pictures of this great place that she shared with me. And since I have a travel blog, here's a section and series on Cambridge. Do enjoy the pictures on Cambridge and tour and see Cambridge through an intrepid traveller's eyes! :)

At first glance, a firsttime visitor might say that Cambridge is similar to Oxford, or other university places in England! :)

This was quite interesting, so here's the picture - of Beneficial Finance - what a name!

This is one of the reasons to love England - nice fields and lots of relaxation. Hard to find these kinds of things in Singapore! Seriously.

OK, I don't know why I put this one here, hahahaha! :)

Welcome to Cambridge! More pictures to come in future posts here on my travel site. I am sorry that I haven't been posting recently, but due to work - school work and many other activities that I've been up to, I haven't had as much as time as I wanted to explore the world and also post many pictures that I have here on my harddisk on my computer. Oh well. Stay tuned here!

Tour and see the world
with me and Gladys

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 4

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 4

Here is the last instalment on Cornwall and Charlestown in southwestern England :) Lots of interesting and nice pictures to share of this place.

In case you want easy access to the other segments and other pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, places in England that one might want to visit and tour, here they are:

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 1
Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 2
Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 3

This is a beautiful vehicle that you can see... and it's interesting too! :)

This one here is also very interesting as well... you can guess where these pictures came from right? Which places do you have to visit to see these? Faithful readers of my travel blog will know that only one place you can visit in Cornwall will have this kind of thing for you to look at - clue: it's very popular with tourists and visitors from all over the world... :P

This is, after all, England, and so people come here to see and visit England, quite naturally (not just look at statues and sculptures). This is a typical England scene.

This one is of course from Charlestown, the seaport that visitors and tourists like to go to. See the ships and boats in the harbour (the little and famous seaport) here at Charlestown!

And then here's a picture from the train, on the way back to Manchester - travelling away from Cornwall and Charlestown. As I've said, this is the miscellaneous post on Cornwall and Charlestown, so I do hope you've enjoyed the pictures of the Eden Project, Cornwall itself, and Charlestown and the sea. Many tourists, travellers and visitors love to visit and travel to these places in England, so do see the pictures and do please feel inspired to travel! Cheers and thanks for reading.

Tour and see the world with me and Gladys!

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 3

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 3

Charlestown! :)

Having seen Cornwall, here's the second part of the visit - Charlestown! Charlestown is a working port in St Austell, in Cornwall. There is a harbour to see here as well as several interesting beaches, nice lovely houses to see with interesting Cornwall - Charlestown architecture, and definitely this is quite an interesting tourist destination. There is one little catch though - it's a small place and only really worth a short visit! (Quite unlike the Eden Project, featured in the previous post, which is worth a longer time in terms of exploration because of its depth and size, literally and figuratively.) Let's have a look at Charlestown :)

Typical English country sight ... this is one of the common sights here in Charlestown, and there are many other places like this here in England.

The beautiful seaside, the marvellous rocky cliffs - the natural beauty of the place here in Charlestown is great!

Charlestown is also noted for being a port that people/tourists love to visit, and here's why...

The reality is that while it's beautiful, the place also looks rather simple - well it's just a sea port with an excellent view, so it can be explored and covered rather quickly.

Two ways to look at this - the road to Charlestown, or this is the end of the road... metaphorically? Excellent photography by my intrepid explorer friend, Gladys Lee.

In my final post on Cornwall and Charlestown I shall put up all the other miscellaneous and interesting pictures of the places for you to enjoy... hope you enjoyed the pictures and commentary!

Tour and see the world with me and Gladys!