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More beautiful pictures from Rome, Italy part 1

More beautiful pictures from Rome, Italy, part 1

(Note: There are many pictures of Rome here on my travel blog here. I spent 4 full days in Rome as it was considered one of the more important and cultural stops in my Europe trip, which started from Manchester in England to Paris, France, then to Zurich in Switzerland, and then to Milan in Italy. From there I took a train down to Rome in Italy. Of course, after Rome, I did go to other places, which I will describe and talk about in later posts here on this travel blog. Stay tuned for more interesting countries, climates, culture and cuisine. Among other things of course. Simply: more beautiful pictures of Rome to come in the next post on Rome, Italy. Alright :) )

Here are more beautiful pictures from Rome in Italy, and you can see below that there are many beautiful cultural buildings and historical, cultural sites all over Rome that are very interesting to visit. In particular, the places that my friends and I went to were the Roman Fort, Circo Maximus, and St Angelo's Castle, and other places that I would love to label as ancient places in Rome, or merely Roman ruins. There are so many remnants of the former, ancient Roman Empire and I think you can see Julius Caesar's statue in many places in Rome, as well as the other Emperors and rulers of this once great empire. The whole place and the whole site smells of interesting, cultural and powerful history, from imperial history all the way to Mussolini during the dark period of World War II to modern day history. More pictures of Rome in Italy to come on my Tour and See the World website, so please stay tuned!

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Pictures from the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Pictures from the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Other words: Colosseum, Colosseo, Coliseum, Flavian Amphitheatre

The Colosseum was grand and very antiquated and run down. I had one good look at it and the historian in me said that I loved it already. The Colosseum stands just east of the Roman Forum and all the famous Roman ruins here nearby. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions here in Rome in Italy, and can be said to be one of the major icons of Rome. In fact, the Colosseum is a symbol and icon of ancient Imperial Rome and has a long and literally bloody history. Let's not get into that here because the history of the Colosseum will take me a long time to type out and besides, here are the pictures of the Colosseum for you to look at here. Enjoy my pictures of the historical, ancient ruins in Rome!

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Pictures from the Vatican, Rome

Pictures from the Vatican, Rome (Italy)

I don't think many are allowed to enter the Vatican City itself, but many are allowed to stand around Saint Peter's Square here and enter or visit the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica here, though. Here are some beautiful pictures from the Vatican City, and you can see St Peter's Basilica from the outside and from the inside here, and you can see St Peter's Square as well. The problem is that due to long queues here for both sites and due to time constraints, pictures of the interesting, cultural and very beautiful Sistine Chapel are not available. The Sistine Chapel is noted for the paintings or murals by Michelangelo depicting God and man reaching out for each other, and also the last judgement of mankind, if I remember correctly. (According to Wikipedia, it's the Genesis and the Last Judgement by Michelangelo, so wow I could actually remember it well. Hoho :) ) Anyways there aren't any pictures of that here. Sorry!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the Vatican in Rome!

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Rome, Italy

My next travel destination - Rome, Italy!

My friends and I visited Paris in France, Zurich in Switzerland, and Milan in Italy before going down to Rome. To do this we took a train from Milan down to Rome. An interesting episode happened on the train. We took the wrong train down to Rome because apparently there were two trains, one leaving at 7AM and the other leaving at 7:05AM, and we were supposed to be on that 7:05AM train and not the more expensive 7AM train. So we had to pay the train conductor an extra 25 Euros when she came to inspect our tickets. In any case, it was an interesting learning experience for us here, so it was alright. My friend tried to negotiate and get our refund because we had overpaid in pounds... but that is a long story and eventually after haggling for two hours we didn't get any money back, of course.

Rome was very interesting to visit and a great place for tourists. It is full of history and interesting sightseeing places, and lots of churches.

I visited St Mary's Church, Trevi Fountain, the Roman Fort, the Circo Maximus, the Colosseum, and St Angelo's Castle. It just so happened that it was Cultural Week and I managed to get into all the attractions and all the visitors' places for free without paying any entrance fees! It was incredible and luck was on my side.

I also visited the Vatican (firstly, most people will also go to see the Vatican, and secondly, because I am Roman Catholic after all) for the first time in my life. It was very beautiful and very interesting. My friends and I ended up at St Peter's Square and the scene was marvellous. I only managed to see the St Peter's Basilica and have a quick look outside the Sistine Chapel, because the crowds were colossal and I only had 4 days here in Rome and couldn't afford to spend a lot of time at one single place. The queues at the Vatican to see either St Peter's or the Sistine Chapel were minimum 1000 people long, and I am not kidding! It was a sight to behold here and was incredible.

OK, a travel tip for travellers: it would be a very good idea to take the paid bus, where you can buy a day pass or a three day pass and then hop on and off every time you see that company's bus stop. This is the best way to travel around Rome for sightseeing, but has the problem that you need to know where the bus stops are and also when the last bus leaves because you don't want to be stuck at the Colosseum when your hotel is miles away.

Another thing: Colosseum is sometimes spelt Coliseum or Colosseo.

More details about Rome and Italy as well as beautiful pictures of Rome here on my Tour and See the World blog. Stay tuned for more posts on cultural and historical Rome.

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More pictures from Milan, Italy

More pictures from Milano, Italy

Here are more pictures from Milan in Italy, apart from the pictures of the Duomo in Milan, and the St Mary's. Here you can see in various pictures the rich and prosperous in Milan and their interesting cars and lifestyles. Apart from the Quadrilatero there are also several churches, and after all, Italy is full of interesting and beautiful churches that you may wish to visit or travel to, especially if you are Roman Catholic. There are many beautiful pictures Milan, my third stop during my Europe tour, so please visit my blog "Tour and See the World!" and have a look at the beautiful pictures of interesting Milan here. As an aside, my History Teacher Michael Kelly loves Italy very very much and he strongly recommended that I visit Milan and Rome, among other Italian cities. In my next post, I will be talking about my interesting travels in Rome, Italy. My first travel destination on my Europe tour: Paris, France. Second was Zurich in Switzerland. Third was Milan in Italy, and then after that I took a train down to Rome. Next place to visit, Rome :)

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Pictures from the Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy

Pictures from the Duomo di Milano, in Milan, Italy

In Italian, Duomo means Cathedral actually. Strictly speaking there are many Duomos all around Italy, but the one I visited was the cathedral in Milan. Here are the pictures from the Duomo in Milan that I visited when in Italy. Enjoy the pictures of the Duomo in Milan! More pictures from Milan and Rome to come in other posts detailing my Europe tour. Cheers!

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Pictures from the Santa Marie delle Grazie in Milan

Pictures from the Santa Marie delle Grazie in Milan

Here are some pictures from the Santa Marie delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. Sorry for the formatting errors here on screen, but every time I try to shift the pictures around they look good on my screen and then turn out differently on my blog here. "A" for effort, nonetheless :) I've included two pictures of a lovely Italian child outside the Santa Marie, because while she was pottering happily around, the lovely girl's parents were about to visit the church to see the Last Supper. As I understand it, this is a Cultural Site and very important religious and cultural area. Hope you enjoy my pictures of Milan's Santa Marie! :)