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Pictures from Stansted, Stockport and London, UK

Pictures from Stansted, Stockport and London, UK

Oh no, the title is a bit of a misnomer, but the problem was that, haha... I couldn't find the pictures I took of Stansted Airport and Stockport. I visited those places, took lots of pictures, and now I cannot find them. Oh well! They're somewhere around my computer. Do forgive me for the technical laspe, etc...

Luckily, I have found my pictures of London taken by my friends and myself, so here is a sampling of interesting pictures of London. (All in all, I have been to London two times and my friends have been to London three times!)

As I have probably mentioned before, London is apparently made up of two distinct cities, one Westminster and one City of London, and this is Westminster here in the picture above. I visited London on a day trip before visiting Europe already, so I kinda knew quite a lot about London before I set foot in London again. We didn't visit many places because, firstly, we had been here before, and secondly we were running out of money and time due to all the money and time we had spent on the Europe trip. Oh well :)

This may not look like it, but the picture above is actually Trafalgar Square, and this picture, well, doesn't seem to show that we were at Trafalgar Square. We did not have another look at Nelson's statue and all that because we were, frankly, lazy... haha!

This one is of the London Eye, which looks very much like, of course, the Singapore Flyer. That's because our Singapore Flyer is based upon this very impressive structure. We did not go on the London Eye though.

And this is the bus that brought us from the "ulu" "ulu" Stansted Airport to London. The journey was long and tiring, but it was very interesting to see the sun rise and the night segue into daylight. It was beautiful, to say the least. And this marked literally the end of the Europe trip, because we were back in the UK again.
More on various other Europe trips made by my friends to come on my travel blog! I toured Central Europe basically, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. My other friends went to other interesting European countries during the Easter break. I shall be blogging about those other places and interesting sights and sounds in my blog as well. Stay tuned :)
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Malaysia also going to have the eye.