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My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 3

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 3

Here are some final random pictures of Gladys' tour in Belgium. But before her tour of Belgium pictures, here are some of SNOW in London! The amazing thing is that these pictures were all taken in... SPRING! It snows in spring, here in England, so the old saying, as "changeable as the weather", is true and probably orginated here in England.

It snowed in London, and Gladys was there during her break, coming back from Belgium to England! Here are the pictures...

More snow from London in England, and then now, back to pictures of Belgium - hope you enjoy this final instalment of beautiful pictures of interesting Belgium. Gladys and I enjoyed swapping lots of stories about our tours, and her stay in Belgium was fun and fruitful.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures! Belgium is very beautiful and looks interesting, albeit a bit dreary and dark, but then again, sometimes Europe has this overall look of darkness. Overall, beautiful Belgium was one of Gladys' fave places :)
Tour and see the world! In this series, tour and see the world with me and Gladys! :)

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