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My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 2

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 2

Tour the world with me, and in this mini series on Belgium, with Gladys, my intrepid traveller friend :)

Gladys, my travel friend and good university friend that I met while studying at the University of Manchester, while I was in England, loves to travel by boat and go for those boat cruises and boat rides while doing her tours and travels. You can see some beautiful pictures she took of Belgium while taking a boat cruise ride down the rivers and waterways, and her pictures are excellent.

Anyways, to take very good advice from my blogger friends and travel site friends, here is a new formatting style for my Tour and See the World travel site! I'll know if this works if I don't get any more complaints or any more advice to make changes here and there, although it is quite interesting in itself to see how the posts have changed and evolved over time.

(Although I suspect that my pictures and photo taking skills, when travelling, have remained fairly constant and very consistent - I like to use the rule of 3rds when taking pictures and being a guy, I sadly usually go for buildings first and then people second.)

Without further ado, here is the first picture of the scene of Gladys on her way to take the cruise ride and boat trip to have a look around Belgium. Or so I am guessing from what she told me of Belgium and its waterways.

And this is a picture of the river bank in Belgium... with little animals and birds around :)

And here are the other tourists and guests who were also on her boat ride. Many people like boat cruises, I guess...?

This is how Belgium, or at least the built up building areas of Belgium, looks like from the waterways.

And finally, back on land, Gladys got to see horses and stuff. Well, quite an interesting boat ride, nonetheless?

Tour and see the world with me! And in this series, we get to tour with my friend Gladys Lee :)

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