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My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 1

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 1

As I said, while I was busy travelling in France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, my friends were in other places in Europe. Here I introduce a friend of mine who loves travelling and has travelled around most of the UK. I have had the pleasure and honour to meet and know Gladys L, an intrepid traveller and tourist, as I was studying in Manchester in the UK. Here are her pictures of Belgium, which she visited during the time I was travelling around and visiting many countries in Europe. If you look around my travel blog, you might also see Gladys in other places that I have visited too, because she has visited many places in England with me as well. This post is for her - thanks for contributing pictures to my travel site and thanks for being good friends with me when I was studying in Manchester!

As an aside, I would also like to thank Eunice of travelerfolio and all my other readers who have contributed ideas and thoughts on how to improve my travel blog and have given me encouragement and kind words! Especially given the fact that you kind people are friends that I have met on the Internet. Thank you very much! I shall seek to improve and develop my site as time goes on.

Special thanks to Gladys for all her kind contributions to my fledging travel website, Tour and See the World! And for her recommendations of Nuffnang and Statcounter, too. More to come in future posts on interesting Belgium, with lots of pictures taken by Gladys, a professional tourist. Cheers!

Tour and see the world with me! And Gladys, my intrepid traveller friend :)


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

I bet Galdy's Lee has been to Venice of Italy already since she loves cruising or going on a boat ride.

While I was reading this post, I noticed you said you were "GUY???"

Hey, all the while I thought Shawn was a GIRL... Geez, forgive me for being so silly. Now I know you're not one of us =)

Shawn Seah said...

I think my friend Gladys has already been there! Yup, she loves cruising and boat rides, a LOT :)

Haha no worries. You're still my online blogger friend :)