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Oxford is very beautiful!

Oxford is very beautiful!

We landed at the Oxford Railway station late at night instead of the bus station due to some unforseen circumstances, and walked for 40 mins all around Oxford to visit my friend's friend's house. It was very interesting to land in Oxford because it was very different from Manchester, striking me as something like a cross between a very quiet London, and York.

Oxford has two main roads here that everyone should know about when visiting Oxford, namely: High Street and Broad Street. Those two streets had most of the buildings and attractions that people want to visit, for instance the famous Covered Market, the Town Hall, and the various colleges that make up Oxford University. That's what our friendly tour guide (that's our friend) told us as he brought us around his homeground. He also showed us Cornmarket Street, which is like the equivalent of Singapore's Orchard Road, with all the shops and eateries, only that it was smaller and narrower of course.

Oxford University, if I am not wrong, follows a collegiate system where it is made up of many colleges, each having their own admissions systems, but collectively making up the University. I had wanted to study in Queen's College there many years ago but had, of all things, forgotten to bring my documents and my photograph on the day of the second interview. Long story there. I ended up visiting Queen's College and saw the various cafes outside that wanted to get the title of oldest Queen's College cafe. Our friendly tour guide told me that one of the colleges had so much money and funding that it owns most of Oxford Street in London - refer to my earlier post on London to see what Oxford street actually is. Thus some colleges in Oxford are richer and some are poorer than their cousins, and they all have different cultures, traditions and fees, of course.

You might want to visit Carfax Tower, as I did, because the view of the Oxford from the top was rather good. The whole area is rather small of course, but the view is quite good, all considered. Also, St Mary offers a view of the area and is reportedly taller than Carfax Tower.

Not forgetting the very "touristy" dining hall at Christ Church, where you already know that many people visit day in and day out to see the Harry Potter site here: it is a beautiful college surrounded by a gigantic park. The dining hall was very interesting and very popular, but I felt that the park outside was more beautiful and far more enjoyable as a place to visit. It was quite fun walking all around that big park and seeing people punting down the river, as a river ran through the greenery. You can see all the beautiful pictures of Oxford here on my website. Later, we went punting in that area, thereabouts.

It was my first time punting a boat down the river and I was quite sure initially that I would capsize it and get all my friends killed. But I didn't, surprisingly, and turned out to be quite good at it, and we ended up enjoying ourselves boating down the river and back. I managed to park my boat in one move, and that really amazed me, actually. I would love to visit Oxford again just to go punting down that same river again as it was a beautiful experience.

Many parks; beautiful scenery; nice river and nice waterways - what more could we ask for? It was beautiful to visit Oxford and I love it very much.

Tour and see the world with me!

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