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Other Interesting Places in the UK

There are many other interesting places in the UK that my friends visited, and they were kind enough to send me pictures to include on my travel blog. I didn't have the good opportunities to travel to those places, but pictures and commentaries from friends would do, as well as the ubiquitous and very helpful... Wikipedia :)

Later on in this travel blog, I will be presenting:

Edinburgh and North Wales and more, thanks to my reliable, erstwhile travelling companions and friends!

(I think my other friends also travelled to Dublin, Liverpool, Birmingham and the Lake District as well, so I will see if I can feature those here on this blog with a write up... it's quite interesting that we can actually go around and "travel" around the world without actually leaving the safety and comfort of the room, but that's a philosophical stance and has nothing to do with my travel blog... haha :) Special thanks here to Ai Lian and Gladys)

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