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My journey started in Manchester

My Journey Started in Manchester

On 19th January 2008, I took a Singapore Airlines Flight to Manchester, United Kingdom. I came here to study Economics and History as part of my student exchange programme. In the process of staying and living in Manchester, I have found myself growing, developing and learning like never before, and it has been an enriching experience with a lot of travelling. At the time of this post, I am still studying and staying here in Manchester.

Studying at the University of Manchester (UOM) has been a childhood dream for me, and now it is a reality. It has been a great, exciting and interesting exchange programme for me so far.

In England, here are the places that I have visited:
London, York, the Lake District and Oxford

In Europe, here are the places that I have visited:

Paris, France
Zurich, Switzerland
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Munich and Dachau, Deutschland
Berlin and Potsdam, Deutschland

and in transit, I have visited Duesseldorf and Bratislava, Slovakia!

Tour and see the world with me!

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